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Customer Web Portal Theme

The customer web portal theme controls the default design template of the customer web portal.  There are currently three themes available; "tab", "single menu", and "split menu".  Upon initial creation of the customer web portal,  the theme selection is required.  

Along with the theme selection, there are also color and/or image selections required.

Note: The example images used on this page are simulated and subject to change.

Item Legend

The item legend can be matched up with the demonstration images, in order to assist with familiar with terminology and to also facilitate easier configuration of appearance settings.

  1. Top Strip Area
  2. Tab/Main Menu
  3. Sub Tab/Sub Menu
  4. Header/Banner
  5. Left Margin
  6. Module Title
  7. Background

Tab Theme

The tab theme requires additional materials to setup, as the tabs are rendered using images that must be custom created.  The main menu items (or pages) are accessible via tabs below the banner area, and the sub menu items are beneath the main menu tabs.


Single Menu Theme

In the single menu theme, the main menu items are aligned horizontally in a row and the sub menu items are accessible by hovering over the main menu item.


Split Menu Theme

In the split menu theme, the main menu items are aligned horizontally in a row and the sub menu items are available in the left pane.  In this theme, only two of the three content panes are fully accessible, as the left is used for sub menu item display.


Left Menu Theme


In the left menu theme, the main menu items are aligned vertically in the left pane and members must "hover" over main menu items to access the sub menu items.


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