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Release Notes

Release notes for the ALP SaaS Application detailing additions and updates to standard features.

2020.1 (2020-01-22)

Campaigns - ESP:External recurring campaigns now support inclusion of member custom fields within the campaign data files.

Offers - Input length extended to 40 characters for bar codes entered within the Offers management pages.

Promotions - Booking date range support added to the recurring transaction promotion as an additional optional requirement for qualifying transactions.

Promotions  - "Opt-In" promotion activation support added to the interaction bonus promotion.

Promotions - Member promotional progress tracking ability added to the recurring interaction promotion and the recurring transaction promotion.

Segment - New member group rules added:

  • Do Not Text
  • Not Included in Recurring Campaign (By Campaign Release Date)

Sync - The custom field file within the Transaction Sync now includes transactions with transaction custom field updates since the last execution.

Web Services - New REST API resources for member promotional progress.


ALP SaaS Release Highlights for 2019.pdf


2019.5 (2019-11-20)

Promotions - "Opt-In" promotion activation functionality now supported in three real-time transaction promotions.  This option allows for permanent opt-in by members rather than having an ongoing dependency on the eligibility tree to qualify.

Analytics - "Age and Gender" and six offer type Dashboards converted to snapshots and moved to the Snapshots sub-menu.

Cases - Custom port numbers now supported for SMTP servers used for outgoing case messages.

Clienteling - A new "points to expire" CSR view within Clienteling Services that displays projected future points to expire for programs that utilize monthly or yearly automated point expiration.

File Import - Additional support added for importing sports betting data provided by William Hill.

Messaging - File compression and encryption methods now supported for transferred external campaign data files.

Segment - Promotional member group rebuild process optimized for enhanced performance.

Sync - Standard member sync target optimization made to increased performance in cases where auto point expiration details are included in data output.

Sync - New member future point expiration sync now available.  New sync target provides the ability to externally sync projected member-level points expiry data.

Web Services - New REST API resources available for supporting promotion activation functionality.

2019.4 (2019-08-28)

With 2019.4, ALP SaaS introduces a CSS upgrade across the entire application. The platform features a cleaner, modern design with new colors, fonts, spacing and more. You can learn more about the redesign in "2019.4 - Introducing a new look for ALP SaaS" here on the Wiki.

It's important to note that ALP SaaS has been designed and tested to work well with Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.x and the most recent, stable versions of Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers. Be sure to keep your browser up-to-date to experience ALP SaaS at its highest quality.

2019.3 (2019-07-31)

ALP SaaS now supports international phone numbers when configured to operate in International Mode. The feature needs to be enabled by ALP SaaS Support. If left disabled, current platform users will operate in Legacy Mode. In Legacy Mode, none of the following changes will apply to ALP SaaS.

For international users with loyalty members from around the world, once International Mode is turned on by support and the data conversion is complete, ALP SaaS will offer improved recognition, processing, display and reporting of international phone numbers.

For example: If a Member's country calling code is 54 (Argentina) and their subscriber number (including area code) is (0341) 123-4567, then our system will display:

+54 (0341) 123-4567

As loyalty member phone numbers are involved in platform-wide functionality, the changes made in International Mode span nearly all of ALP SaaS.

Interface changes

In the platform interface, International Mode users will see a full list of countries when adding and editing member phone numbers.

That Country Calling Code list can be edited by users with appropriate permissions. Countries can be hidden from view. Furthermore, the order can be configured to make it more convenient for International Mode users who want access to all Country Calling Codes in this dropdown while still seeing specific countries at the top of the list.

Input requirements

For users in International Mode, all file imports and web services that use member phone numbers now require the numbers to be preceded by a + symbol. Users can learn more about this requirement in the Phone Number Formatting article.

Output changes

For users in International Mode, the way phone number data is displayed in ALP SaaS (for instance, on the Clienteling pages) is the way it will be formatted in exports and syncs.

Account Ids

When using phone numbers for Account Ids in International Mode, Phone Number Account Ids will include the country calling code.

For example: Consider a user who selects Saudi Arabia (Country Calling Code 966) when entering the following phone number for a member:


Here, the Account Id would inherit the selected Country Calling Code, and the Account Id would become:


Phone number extension support

Finally, phone number extensions will not be supported for users in International Mode.

Additional release notes

System - “Import Settings” page renamed to “Input Settings” to avoid future confusion with features elsewhere in the platform.

Admin - When in International Mode, individual countries can now be removed from country calling code dropdowns in ALP SaaS.

Admin - When in International Mode, country sort order can now be edited in Member Address and Member Number dropdowns.

File Import - “Member Phone Number Update File with Mobile Carrier” renamed to “Member Mobile Phone Number Update File.” Mobile Carrier data is no longer required in the import.

2019.2 (2019-06-12)

ALP SaaS 2019.2 brings new settings to FTP configuration, messaging optimizations and more. A large portion of the update is focused on the daily calculation of the points that will expire for each member on the next automatic expiration date. That calculated data can be accessed through a new web service and additional fields in the Point Change Trigger in the Member Sync Extended.

Messaging - Added ability to specify the port number in FTP settings for external campaigns.

Sync - Added ability to specify the port number in FTP settings for Syncs.

Messaging - Real-time reward messages optimized.

Tools - Users can now specify an annual Point Expiration Auto-Expiry date.

For example, if a user wants points for a specific selection of members to expire every June 1st, they can now select that annual expiration date in the Execute Frequency section of the Point Expiration Batch page (System Location: Tools > Point Expiration > Add or Edit for created batches).

System - Near real-time Reward Sync and services to activate gift cards through InComm completed.

Sync - Added new fields to Point Change Trigger in Member Sync Extended for points to expire.

  • Last Point Expiration Process Timestamp
  • Next Expiration Date 1
  • Next Points Expiring 1
  • Next Expiration Date 2
  • Next Points Expiring 2
  • Next Expiration Date 3
  • Next Points Expiring 3
  • Next Expiration Date 4
  • Next Points Expiring 4
  • Next Expiration Date 5
  • Next Points Expiring 5
  • Next Expiration Date 6
  • Next Points Expiring 6

Web Service - FetchMemberNextPointsToExpire - Fetches the following point expiration data for a specific member.

  • Last Point Expiration Process Timestamp
  • Next Expiration Date 1
  • Next Points Expiring 1
  • Next Expiration Date 2
  • Next Points Expiring 2
  • Next Expiration Date 3
  • Next Points Expiring 3
  • Next Expiration Date 4
  • Next Points Expiring 4
  • Next Expiration Date 5
  • Next Points Expiring 5
  • Next Expiration Date 6
  • Next Points Expiring 6

2019.1 (2019-05-21)

ALP SaaS 2019.1 includes user experience improvements, system optimizations, increased support for sports betting, stronger platform security, a new composite export and improved system notifications.

System - Platform-wide member eligibility check improved for speed.

Cases - SSL/TLS now supported for case-related emails.

Promotions - Pending reward pseudo-real-time process optimized.

Messaging - Users with notifications properly configured will now be notified if an External Campaign encounters an external FTP server failure.

Messaging - External campaigns will be automatically disabled in the event of an FTP connection failure.

Tools - New Auditor Export added to Composite Exports. Users can export point totals for a date range using the activity date.

Tools - The Point Expiration Auto Settings and Expiration Batch pages (System location: Tools > Point Expiration > Auto Settings, Expiration Batch) combined into a single page (System location: Tools > Point Expiration).

Any existing settings before this release will migrate to the new process. Those existing processes can be found and managed on the new Point Expiration page.

For users with multiple automatic Point Expiration Batches: The date calculation method set in multiple automatic Point Expiration Batches is static; however, the date calculation method can be changed if the Point Expiration Batches are set to manually run.

File Imports - Sports betting data from William Hill now supported.

Sync - Optional fields added to the Location Sync file, including:

  • Business Unit External Reference
  • Inactive (True or False)
  • Location is Valid for Feedback (True or False)
  • POS Category External Reference
  • Country Name
  • Country Abbreviation
  • Address 1
  • Address 2
  • Address 3
  • City
  • Region Name
  • Region Abbreviation
  • Postal Code
  • Location Primary Email Address
  • Location Secondary Email Address
  • Location Latitude
  • Location Longitude

Additional fields enabled by selecting the new “Sync Location Details” option on the Sync Settings Page.

Sync - Users can now be notified if a Member Descriptor Sync fails.

Sync - Reward Sync now includes updated expiration date record.


ALP SaaS Release Highlights for 2018.pdf

2018.6 (2019-02-12)

With 2018.6, we’ve added a brand new ALP SaaS login screen. We also introduced IBM Watson ODMI and batch emailing support, system optimizations and more.

Messaging - IBM Watson now supported for outbound and inbound on-demand messaging and batch emailing with return statistics.

Messaging - Salesforce Marketing Cloud support extended to include the specification of multiple business units.

Messaging - Instance ID added to the external batch and recurring campaign to distinguish for clients using multiple instances alongside Salesforce.

Rewards - Batch reward process optimized for speed.

Import - The “Update Reward Expiration Date” File Import was created to update reward expiration date for issued rewards.

Import - Salesforce Campaign Stats File Import created.

Exports - New Group Exports added.

Group Member Transaction Totals w/Product Basket Counts - An enhanced version of the Group Member Transaction Totals export that includes Product Basket Count data.

This export now includes the average unique products per transaction.

Group Member Transaction Totals Date Range Comparison w/Product Basket Details - An enhanced version of the Group Member Transaction Totals Date Range Comparison export that includes Product Basket Details.

This export now includes the average unique products per transaction within a specified date ranges for comparison.

Kiosk - Kiosk PIN user experience improved.

System - The login splash screen has been redesigned to feature meaningful information about ALP SaaS, what’s new to the platform, what’s coming to the platform, news and more.

Exports - New Composite Export for Member Hot Notes for selected date range.

Cashier Portal - Search by member phone number optimized.

System - Additional French and Chinese translations added where needed.

2018.5 (2018-11-06)

With 2018.5, we’re addressing features like Syncs, Exports, Web Services and ODMI.

System - Enhanced daily data verification to ensure member account accuracy.

Exports - Member email address added as an available field in the Group Member Points Details, Group Members Transaction Totals with Location exports.

New Member Group Rule - Received Transaction of Type For Date Range (Booking Date)

Users can create a Member Group that consists only of members who received a transaction during a specific booking date range. For example, a user working in hospitality could create a Member Group based on members who made a reservation during a specific month for promotional purposes.

Rewards - Added the ability to specify an expiration date on Internal Rewards.

Messaging - Retro Claim Templates for Salesforce now supported.

Messaging - ODMI support now includes the ability to retrieve email statistics from Salesforce.

Sync -Transaction sync custom field file optimized.

Sync - Standard Syncs were renamed in ALP SaaS for easier understanding. Sync documentation was updated to reflect the new names. Additionally, the ALP SaaS platforms “Target Name” column on the Sync page has been renamed to “Sync Type” for clarity.

Sync - Syncs can now transfer to multiple FTP destinations if configured.

Before 2018.5, users could only sync ALP SaaS data to a single FTP destination. If users wanted the same data sync’d to multiple destinations, they’d need to set up and run completely separate syncs.

With 2018.5, one sync can be configured to transfer data to multiple FTP destinations. This change is beneficial not only because it saves users the initial time it takes to set up multiple syncs, but it also ensures the data at the time of the sync is exactly the same at each destination.

Web Services - The following old web service calls were migrated to the new WS standard.

UpdateTransactionCustomFields - Updates Transaction Custom Field data for existing transactions

DeleteMemberAccountId - Delete an Account Id from an existing member

FetchMemberIssuedRewardsForDateRangeWithCustomFields - Retrieve all previously issued rewards with associated reward custom fields within a date range for a single member

System - Additional French & Chinese translations added where needed.

2018.4.1 (2018-09-11)

With 2018.4.1, we addressed important but smaller needs for the platform. We wanted these features out before we move to 2018.5.

Web Services - UploadFile migrated to the new WS standard.

Also added the ImportFileNote parameter to the call, making it so that users can include a custom note for the file import when the use the UploadFile Web Service.

Web Services  - WS enhanced for reduced lag. Those enhanced include:

  • IssueTransactionMultipleProductBasket
  • IssueTransactionMultipleProductBasketWithCustomFields
  • IssueTransactionMultipleProductBasketCustomFieldsBookingDate
  • ScoreTransactionMultipleProductBasket

2018.4 (2018-08-28)

With version 2018.4, ALP SaaS offers more promotion functionality, new point expiration features, a host of web service changes and performance optimizations.

Promotions - Spend Range-based bonus configurations were added to the Transaction Bonus Promotion. Users can now create a spend range (with a lower limit and optional upper limit) to activate point bonuses.

For example, if a user configures the Spend Range with only a $10 lower limit, customers who spend $10 or more will earn the Transaction Bonus Promotion. If users decide to configure an upper limit of $50, customers will only earn the bonus on their purchase up to that $50 limit. This ceiling will ensure customers cannot earn a number of points that could be considered excessive.


Promotions - Recurring Product Promotion process optimized to improve performance.

Point Expiration - Point age can now be tied to the activity date for expiration purposes.

By default, the age of member points begins once the transaction is logged into ALP SaaS. Points start aging when transactions are logged into ALP SaaS, instead of when the activity actually happens. Now, users can configure point age to start with the actual activity earning the points. Customer point age will start with the activity date, not the transaction creation date.

Customer Web Portal - PNG image file types now supported on Customer Web Portal.

Import - Member Language Preference Update File created to add Language preference options to batch file import.

Import - Member Descriptor file imports optimized for speed with enterprise-scale clients.

Web Services - WS logging has been optimized to improve logging methodology.

Web Services - More permissions added to the Web Service User Template.

Web Services - The following old web service calls were migrated to the new WS standard.

System - Additional French & Chinese translations added where needed.

2018.3 (2018-07-17)

  • Address region abbreviation maximum length has been expanded from 2 to 8 characters.
  • Application - Following a member combine, recurring rewards will be automatically processed for the combined member to ensure that the account has been properly awarded.
  • Clienteling - The "member ranking levels" extended module now displays detailed information about members' progress within the ranking set.
  • Messaging - Salesforce Marketing Cloud (formerly ExactTarget) API now supported for use as an ESP in on-demand messaging.
  • Offers - Multiple choice rewards can now be issued in a single action within Clienteling Services.
  • Promotions - Referral Activity Promotion now can be configured to award points to the referrer, the referred member or both.
  • Promotions - Transaction Product Quantity Bonus Promotion can now be configured to track purchase quantities of two separate product groups for bonus qualification purposes.
  • Segment - X member group rules updated to include date range parameter:
    • Did Not Receive Transaction From Fixed Point Back Promotion
    • Did Not Receive Transaction From Key Code Promotion
    • Did Not Receive Transaction From Product Code Promotion
    • Did Not Receive Transaction From Variable Point Back Promotion
    • Received Transaction From Fixed Point Back Promotion
    • Received Transaction From Key Code Promotion
    • Received Transaction From Product Code Promotion
    • Received Transaction From Variable Point Back Promotion
  • System - Additional French & Chinese translations added where needed.
  • Web Services - Additional enhancements to "WS Log", include date/time with millisecond precision, call duration and WS version used.  Also, deleted WS tokens can be filtered within the token dropdown.


2018.2 (2018-05-22)

  • Messaging - Multiple Email Service Providers (ESP) per database, is now a valid configuration option for on-demand messaging.  The ESP used is configured on the template level.
  • Messaging - Various scheduling options added to Recurring Campaigns to allow for enhanced flexibility.
  • Promotions - Program Enrollment Point Promotion point formula configuration migrated from fixed dropdown selections to free text.
  • Segment - 13 new member group rules added:
    • (Dynamic) Member Custom Field (Equals) for six custom field datatypes (Checkbox, Date, Drop Down, Integer, Multi-Checkbox, Money)
    • Enrolled at Location With Location Custom Field for five custom field datatypes (Checkbox, Date, Drop Down, Integer, Money)
    • Member Has Twitter Username
    • Retail Earned for Transaction Type Descriptor For Date Range
  • Segment - New transaction group rules added for parimutuel transactions that allow for grouping by pool, track, or device type.
  • Segment - "Last Transaction Timestamp" column added to member group export, "Group Members Transaction Totals".
  • Sync - "Your Cost" value added to the "Issued" trigger and Member Reward Custom Fields added to the "Issued" and "Redeemed" triggers of the Standard Reward Sync as optional values.
  • Sync - General optimizations made to increase compatibility with initiating FTP connections for file transfers.
  • System - Additional French & Chinese translations added where needed.
  • System - Single sign-on (SSO) "Phase 2" enhancements to support ALPs authentication via external identity providers.  Functionality allows for binding of local login Email addresses to accounts managed by other systems.
  • Transactions - New transaction point formulas (21 points per $1, 22 points per $1) added.
  • Web Services - New Member call, SaveMemberTwitterUsername, for saving member twitter user names.
  • Web Services - New Transaction call, ScoreTransactionMultipleProductBasket, which provides projected scoring for a transaction with product-level detail without storing the transaction in the database.
  • Web Services - New User calls, CreateUserExt and SetLoginForIdentity, used to manage platform logins/users with functionality to support external identity providers for SSO purposes.
  • Web Services - Multiple search-related enhancements made to the "WS Log" page to support enhanced log viewing/filter functionality.  Page export also added to extract search result data.


2018.1 (US: 2018-03-07 | CA: 2018-03-07 | AU: 2018-03-06 | CN: 2018-03-06)

  • Application - The first phase of single sign-on (SSO) is now available.  This allows individuals to log into multiple databases within the same datacenter using a single Email address (user login).  The login can be bound to one or more users on the database-level.
  • Application - Information containing current user and database moved from page footer to page header.
  • Offers - Variable reward formula configuration migrated from fixed dropdown selections to free text.
  • Promotion - Auto-execute and member limit functionality added to Variable Point Back Promotion.
  • Promotion - Recurring Product Promotions can now be assigned external references.
  • Segment - 10 new member group rules added:
    • Did Not Receive Bonus From Transaction Bonus Promotion
    • Did Not Receive Bonus From Transaction Product Bonus Promotion
    • Did Not Receive Reward From Batch Reward Promotion
    • Has Not Redeemed Choice Reward Of Type (Issue Date)
    • Has Not Redeemed Forced Reward Of Type (Issue Date)
    • Has Not Redeemed Gift Card Reward Of Type (Issue Date)
    • Has Not Redeemed Internal Reward Of Type (Issue Date)
    • Has Not Redeemed Recurring Reward Of Type (Issue Date)
    • Received Bonus From Transaction Product Quantity Bonus Promotion
    • Received Reward from Batch Reward Promotion
  • Segment - New location group rule, Location Custom Field (Multi Checkbox) for grouping multi-checkbox custom field values.
  • Web Services - New Case WS call, FetchMemberCaseHistory, returns case history for a single member.
  • Web Services - New Offer WS calls:
  • Web Services - New Promotion WS call, RecurringProductPromotionTracker, returns a member's progress for a specific recurring product promotion.
  • Web Services - New Segment WS call, FetchMemberRankingSetStatus, for returning ranking set status and qualification information for a single member and member ranking set.


2017 Release Highlights

2017.6 (2018-01-23)

  • Admin - Additional audit logging now available within the transaction type management page.
  • Clienteling - New member search filter within Clienteling Services for Member Birthday (YYYY-MM-DD).
  • Clienteling - Within "Tools" submenu in Clienteling Services, a user can trigger a "password help" message for individual members.
  • Head of Household - Usage Settings limit previously restricting Head of Household changes has been altered to now limit "Dependent" additions instead.
  • Import - New file import specification, Member Import Descriptor File w/ Status (using Internal Id), for managing member import descriptor status.
  • Import - Performance optimization made for both Member Descriptor File Extended import specifications.
  • Kiosk - 2017 version of the standalone Kiosk software has been published.  New version features enhanced graphics, improved feature-set and updated TLS support.  Please contact ALP SaaS Support for more details before proceeding with installation.
  • Promotions - New promotion, Recurring Transaction Location Promotion, which can award members for multiple transactions at a single location or group of locations.
  • Segment - New location group rule, Canada Addresses Within x km of Postal Code (Center Postal Code method), allows for grouping of locations via distance from a forward sortation area.
  • Sync - "Standard" Member Sync now supports inclusion of member verification status in core trigger records.
  • Sync - "Standard" Reward Sync now supports inclusion of reward expiration date in issue trigger records.
  • System - Added protection for verification code generation to prevent members from abusing the process in a DoS type of attack.
  • System - Additional French & Chinese translations added where needed.
  • System - Performance optimizations made for daily dashboard rebuild tasks.
  • Web Services - New WS call (ProductCodePromotionExtended) for product code promotion support w/ extended output details.

2017.5 (2017-11-14)

  • Exports - New auditor-based composite export: "Points Expiring on Next Auto Expiration Date".
  • Offers - New variable reward point formulas: 12.5 points = $1 (rounded, no partial/rounding).
  • Offers - Choice Reward eligibility tree now supports new dynamic member segment group feature.
  • Promotions - Interaction Bonus Promotion now supports interaction types which do not natively contain location association.
  • Security - Verification code functionality now available to assist in verifying member enrollment and account data via generation and messaging of unique codes.
  • Segment - Member ranking sets now support optional assignment of "intermediate" member descriptors, which ensures that members who move "up" multiple levels in one rebuild will be assigned the otherwise missed assignment descriptors.
  • Segment - New method of grouping members referred to as "Dynamic" member grouping which acts as a real-time "on-the-fly" filter for qualifying members.  Currently, functionality is only supported for Choice Reward eligibility.
  • Segment - Two new member group rules added:
    • "Has Not Received Reward Assigned to Reward Descriptor for Date Range" (All)
    • "Assigned to Member Descriptor" (Dynamic only)
  • System - Additional French & Chinese translations added where needed.
  • System - Performance optimizations made for the final (hourly) stage of member combines and deletes. 
  • Web Services - ID Type Auto Range&
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