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System Location: System / Notifications

Notifications are Email-based messages that can be configured to be distributed upon specific system events, such as a failed sync.  Configuration involves the optional creation of Email Groups and the assignment of Email Addresses and/or Email Groups to Notify Events, which are the pre-defined system triggers.


Managing Email Groups

System Location: System / Notifications / Email Groups

By utilizing the "Add" link at the top of the page, or by clicking "Edit" next to an already existing Email Group, the new or existing Email Group can be managed.  Information will be stored upon saving.  Once an Email Group exists, Email addresses can be added or removed using the "Add or Edit" link in the far right column, associated to the appropriate Email Group.

Assigning Emails and/or Email Groups to Notify Events

System Location: System / Notifications / Notify Events

By clicking "Edit", a specific notify event can be managed.  Within the edit page, individual Email addresses can be typed into the input boxes and preconfigured Email Groups can be selected.  Upon saving, the events will Email the appropriate parties when triggered.  Within the edit page, Email addresses and groups can also be removed.

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